Kick'n Chick'nz: Medieval Karnival

Currently being updated. Re-release coming for 2015!

You see Margie loves dragons, and she won't be happy until she wins the "Fanciest of Dragon Hats" at the Medieval Karnival. You play as Meg, Margie's older sister. Meg has the daunting task of babysitting her bratty little sister. Oh, it's gonna be an interesting day, I'll betcha that!

Enter the Karnival and explore the many games available.

Kick'n Chick'nz: Ironically the chickens enjoy being kicked as much as you'll enjoy knocking over dozens of challenging targets in the hilariously funny, shootin' gallery style game.

SqweeeBall: Experience the challenging fun of arcade style bowling with a unique twist. As the game progresses, so does the scoring board which begins to rotate, making the SqweeeBall harder to master, but so much fun to play!

Memba' Me?: Care to challenge your memory? Watch as sleeping chickens colorfully awaken when you tap on them in sequence, up to 30 times. But the best part is, as the sequences increase so does the rotation of their nests...yikes! It is sure to keep you on your toes.

Stick'n Chick'nz: Remember balloon darts at the carnival? Well how about launching chickens, adorned with spiked medieval helmets, into the dartboard! Pop the colorful balloons to reveal different painted patterns on the backboard and win a variety of fun achievements. Watch too as the propeller beanie wearing chickens ascend from the skies to become active participants onto the launching boards!

Players can earn golden eggs as they experience fun and challenging achievements. We even start you out with 3 eggs so you can immediately visit the Treat Wagon loaded with delicious candy, sweets and food items and the Prize Tent where you can use your golden eggs to purchase many different plush doll creatures, including Margie's favorite prize...the Fanciest of Dragon Hats!

Nothing is more comical than curiously goofy chickens hopping in and out of gameplay and comedic situations.